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Pirates You Don’t Know, and Other Adventures in the Examined Life - is my essay collection, forthcoming from the University of Georgia Press. In it I talk about being born in the last American enclave in Saigon during the Vietnam War, growing up in a coal town in southern Illinois, and working as an Army deep-sea diver and frogman. Really, though, my concerns are the same as anybody else's: What's it mean to be educated? To think, feel, create, and be whole? What's the point of this journey? Read more here....

A Democracy of Ghosts - is my novel, set in 1922 in the most radical community in America. It's got it all—torture, murder, love, infidelity, desire, bootlegging, a tripped-out gunman, a whiff of necrophilia, and a communal narrator of transmigrating souls. Check it out, it's a ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year!

Herrin: The Brief History of an Infamous American City - is a narrative nonfiction history of the community where my novel is set, an all-American city that that drew the ire of the entire nation by becoming not just a melting pot but also a cauldron. Includes some 85 archival photos. Now available on Kindle and Nook!

Book Reviews

‘Jewelry Box,’ Aurelie Sheehan

‘Stories’ and ‘Stories II,’ Scott McClanahan

‘Rattlesnake Daddy,’ Part 3

‘Rattlesnake Daddy,’ Part 2

‘Rattlesnake Daddy,’ Brent Spencer, Part 1

‘Poetry in Person: 25 Years of Conversation with America’s Poets,’ ed. Alexander Neubauer

‘Isherwood on Writing,’ ed. James J. Berg

‘Chekhov the Immigrant,’ eds. Michael C. Finke and Julie de Sherbinin

‘Imagining Paris,’ J. Gerald Kennedy

‘Passion in the Desert,’ Thomas E. Kennedy

‘Pnin,’ Vladimir Nabokov

‘The Turkey: An American Story,’ Andrew F. Smith

‘Havanas in Camelot,’ William Styron


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